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Do’s and Don'ts for New Digital Businesses in UAE
Do’s and Don’ts for New Digital Businesses in UAE
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Digital businesses in UAE have taken over the mainstream market, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. There are entrepreneurs trying their luck in digital businesses during this time. As UAE has been one of the hubs of businesses UAE, entrepreneurs strive to make their space here because the market here is vast and diverse.

People from East and West come to visit UAE so if one does not buy your product then there is a chance that the other will. But still many businessmen end up packing their bags and making their way back to their countries. The only reason of this is the unfamiliarity of the entrepreneurs with the written and unwritten laws of business in this region. Here is the list of points that are prohibited in UAE and you should learn them on your fingertips so that your digital business can flourish;

  • Hassles are never catered; It is usually said that businessmen have to be very careful about their dressing and etiquette in UAE as people here are very sophisticated and notice all the minute details of your personality. Well, the same goes for your digital business, i.e. your website should be very clear and hassle-free plus it should be free of bugs as they easily turn their back to the things that are difficult or take more time than they should. If your website has any such issue then solve it as soon as possible.
  • Starting up your business without knowing audience does not help; As we know the UAE is a diverse society, and doing a thorough research of your targeted audience, via Internet or in person, will help you a lot to set a certain standard of your business and after sometime, this way, your customers will be able to trust you blindly. If you do not know your audience then you will remain unnoticed as the people here have a number of option
  • You cannot survive if you do not know more than one language; In this region knowing English is a must and if you are thinking to cater Arab Emiratis then you also need to know Arabic. Yes, you got it right your website has to have options for both the languages as non-Arab Emiratis do not know Arabic while Arab Emiratis do not know much of English. This is important as you will never know who is visiting your website.
  • No compromise on quality; Quality is important in every part of the world but there are instances that some Digital businesses in UAE, in other countries, are only meant to cater to lower or poor class. While in the UAE, even the labor class looks out for quality products as most of them buy gifts for their beloved ones back in their own countries.
  • No timeliness will badly hurt your reputation; The ordered items should be delivered on the time you have promised otherwise you will not be able to get as many customers as you could. This is because the country is small and word of mouth spreads like wildfire. So never promise a deadline you cannot achieve.
  • Do not expect funds; Dearest newbie, it will be the biggest mistake to think of getting funds for your business anyway in UAE. If you do not have enough money to pay your bills you should better not think about even running your digital business in this country.
  • Do not hire anyone without a legal contract; UAE might be the dreamy country for many digital businesses in UAE but your minor mistake can get you in prison as they have the throat-cutting laws. Following all the legal procedures will keep you on a safe side.
  • Do not use only one means of marketing; As the electronic devices and internet are extremely reasonable in UAE, people here use almost all the social media marketing in Dubai,  so if you are on Facebook but not on Instagram then your integrity is at risk 

Although UAE is a tax-free heavenly country having a success story of your digital business in UAE is difficult to achieve due to the strict rules and regulations. Not only that, meeting the standards of your targeted audience in this region is also difficult. Using smart strategies and taking care of all the minor details they notice can be the only way to achieve a successful digital business UAE. Once you have gained that you can then stay in the UAE’s market for a long time as they do not leave what they love. 

Now that you know all the key points to avoid in UAE making a move will surely get you something if, God forbid, not a really well-established business. Best of luck for your future.

Best SEO Practices in UAE for New Businesses
Best SEO Practices in UAE for New Businesses
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Over the last couple of decades Search Engines have become a part of daily as it is the basic tool to find information about anything either it is related to a business or general knowledge. With increasing usage of the search engines, a competition between the websites started that actually led to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques which basically increase the traffic on the website and improves its ranking when a keyword is searched.

The demand of SEO is increasing with every passing day as they have assisted the businesses to collect more revenue than ever before.

Be it the giants like Johnson & Johnson or newly launched businesses like Huda Beauty, the only secret of their success in this era is their presence on internet, more specifically their ranking on the mostly used search engines i.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Does the Magnitude of Investment Make a Difference?

In today’s digital age launching a business does not require a heavy investment, yes you do need some investment but more than that your digital presence and accessible services from your customers’ living room can actually help you accelerate and earn a great deal. But how can people reach you out even if you have a website? Well, the SEO experts have your answers.

Investing a great deal on them can help your business to grow more than you had imagined as they have the key that can unlock the ways to your potential customers.

Are SEO Practices Same All Over the World?

No! All countries, even cities have different requirements and this is why local SEO experts are hired as they know what strategy will be adequate for better performance on the search engines.

What SEO Practices will Help an Entrepreneur in UAE?

  • Link building; Before you launch your website or business you need to have a face in the social media market where your target customers can get to know you. Plus you can get higher ranking on the search engines as these accounts will provide the back links. You need to make sure that your tags and social media accounts have a correlation with the keywords that people in UAE search for and most importantly these back links should be white hat otherwise the search engine will flag it. While launching a business in UAE you also need to understand the usage and permissions of social media sites as it will either get you less customers or some legal issues as UAE does not allow their citizens to use some of the social media sites
  • Content strategy; Content strategy in UAE needs to be very much different than the other countries. First and foremost you need have all the required knowledge that what kind of content do the Emiratis read the most, then you need to understand the temperament they have and learn the right way to deliver your ideas or information. As one wrong statement can ruin your audience and lessen the traffic on your website.
  • Right use of technology; Google ranking algorithm is under cutting edge security to which only their employees can have an access, so SEO experts basically experiment with different procedures in order to gain high ranking. Since UAE is one of the business hubs in the world now so it offers a wide variety of SEO experts. When you launch your website in UAE you should better survey the market first and then invest a good amount in hiring a competent SEO expert or SEO Agency in Dubai so that he can use the latest technologies and software to get you the best SEO results.
  • Youtube is often ignored; You might have noticed that Google often shows Youtube links on the first page and is one of the first few links. Basically, Youtube is one of the Google-owned applications and it gives high priority to it so making some appealing videos about your business and website can help you get more traffic on your website. Especially when you are launching your business in UAE there are high chances that your target customers will watch your videos as many people find it easier to watch videos rather than reading blog posts. Making videos in Arabic and English, both languages, will be a bonus point for your business as most people will be able to understand it.

This digital world has many perks to offer to entrepreneurs and launching a business in UAE or Middle East is a cherry on top as their market is diverse and various kinds of businesses can flourish. All you need is to learn about the population, their demands and the keywords they use the most because matching the keywords with your website content is extremely crucial for any business.

How to Use Content for B2B Social Selling
How to Use Content for B2B Social Selling?
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Now a day’s businesses’ considerable revenue depends on the digital presence and wellbeing. Here ‘wellbeing’ basically means reviews shared by prior purchasers. Making a website is not a big deal, your marketing smartness reflects from your content where you actually need to put all the efforts. It should be appealing in the first place that your potential customers are compelled to read or go through it, then the information that it holds should be valuable and relevant i.e. it should meet the need criteria of your targeted audience. After making perfect content according to the audience and your business, you then expect that your product will be easily sold. But in this process, you omit some really important steps which are social selling and B2B social selling.

What is Social Selling and B2B Social Selling?

Social selling is a sales technique which uses social media, like Twitter, Instagram etc, to increase their leads (i.e. customers) and also answer their queries. According to a survey conducted on LinkedIn, 78% of social sellers outsell their competitors, which mean that their revenue was also much higher than their competitors. B2B stands for Business to Business, precisely, B2B social selling is primarily a way to connect with your potential customers or vendors for satisfying your future business-related needs.

For example, a clothing brand might need electronic vendors, so it posts on any of its social media accounts asking about such sellers and a salesperson of an electronic seller comes across it. Here the salesperson will not work as a stereotypical salesperson, in fact, he will ask about their needs and tell them about his company. This conversation between a potential customer and a vendor is actually a B2B social selling process.  

Is B2B Social Selling about Branding and Advertising?

No! B2B social selling is like surveying the market and getting to know all the vendors and then selecting one for long business projects.

How Can I Use Content for B2B Social Selling?

The word ‘content‘covers various materials that make your social media account aesthetic and informative. Entrepreneurs should really understand the importance of content if they want to succeed plus they should also know how to use content in a ways that’s worth attending to.   Here is the list of ways that can be beneficial for B2B social selling;

  • Share Your Knowledge; Create content that shows you know and it is your area of expertise. For example, writing a blog, posting videos or pictures that manifest that you have a team of experts, and host a webinar to spread awareness about who you are and what are your competencies. All these tactics are used to show that you have the best product and it is your knowledge that makes it the best. If you would wait for the opportunities or customers to come to you and then you praise your product then you will end up selling one product when you could sell ten, these sales techniques have now rusted.  
  • Make Content Exclusive; Your content should stand out from your competitors. An exclusive content requires your marketing and sales department to work side by side as the marketing department has the quirkiest ideas while your sales know your customers the best. Making an exclusive content will grab your customers’ attention while they are in search of vendors.
  • Choose Your Platform Wisely; Your targeted audiences make a difference to the kind of social media account you choose to sell your product. For B2B social selling businesses usually use platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.
  • Make Effective Content; Your content should be more like a conversation with your customer as it is important that your targeted prospects understand your language and the kind of content shared. For example if your customers are more interested in numbers then it is better that you share content that includes statistics or if your customers are interested in the news about you or your achievements then you should share almost everything about it. Sharing blog posts when your customers are interested in numbers will cause you loss.
  • Hash Tags are the Saviors; Mostly people on social media use hashtags to find something they need, and so will your customers. With almost all of your posts on social media marketing in Dubai, try to use the hashtags that go with your business domain this way your customers will know about you if they did not.     

In B2B social selling we need to understand that every click and all types of content is an opportunity and losing more than one will mean your content had some lacking. You also need to ingrain the fact that more than one brain will get you the best results so get as many geniuses as possible.

Best Wordpress Hosting for Businesses in UAE
Best WordPress Hosting for Businesses in UAE
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Developing a website is now as easy as 123 because of WordPress hosting, one of the leading website developing and content management systems with over 38% of websites on the internet. It is licensed under GPLv2 and the best part is you can create websites without knowing anything about web development or putting codes. It can make any kind of website and many entrepreneurs use it as they, usually, have limited investment. 

Only Developing a Website is not Enough:

Once you have developed your website there are other things that you then need to pay your attention to. First of all, you should be mindful about the fact that your website is susceptible to be hacked, if luckily not then speed is a problem. Having a website will never be easy; you will need an assistant to help you handle all such problems while you address other business issues. Well, a WordPress host will help you in this regard. 

What is WordPress Host?

WordPress host is basically a product that is used to run your website safely, simply, and with speed. WordPress hosts generally have well-trained and equipped personnel who can solve your problems in no time, yes! they can even be better than the staff you have hired. They provide the best WordPress experience and you also get the most out of your business

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What are the Best WordPress Hosting in UAE?

  • is a Ras Al Khaimah based WordPress hosting company that promises to provide the best WordPress experience with economical packages ranging from AED 30/month to AED 150/month with a free domain name, email address, and SSL certificates. All the packages include automatic WordPress updates, WordPress preconfigured, fast SSD storage, emails at your domain with no restrictions of creating only one domain, and if you are not at all satisfied then a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • ae.server is a Dubai-based WordPress hosting company that has data centers in Europe and the US too. It provides optimal customer service 24/7/365. It guarantees SLA 99.99% uptime with software and hardware especially designed for WordPress. Their packages range from AED 89/month to AED 799.20/month. They also provide SSL certificates preinstalled. The plus point of this company is that they have partnerships with Microsoft for cloud solutions, cPanel is their authorized partner whereas they as membership in RIPE NCC.
  •   Alwafaa Group is one of the old IT and web development companies of UAE which was established in 2002 in Dubai which has now expanded to Turkey and the UK.  They provide multiple IT and web solutions including WordPress Hosting. They claim to provide cost-effective hosting and cover approximately all the services you might need for your website. Alwafaa group is basically a jack of all trades and can be trusted due to its persuasive market reputation.
  • IQMinds is also a Dubai based company which also serves in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. It commits to provide the most user-friendly experience on WordPress. The company also covers the maximum features for your website development. They claim to have a team of proficient and experienced individuals.
  • Bluechip is another Dubai based company expanding its services to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah. They promise to provide reliability, scalability, and flexibility. They have all the maximum knowledge of WordPress hosting and satisfy their customers as more than their proficiency.
  • Verbat has branches spreading from Dubai to India and the USA with a silver partnership with Microsoft and is also a Nasscom member. It has three different types of price ranges, based on the type of your website, i.e. developer WordPress, standard Worpress, and professional WordPress. The number of free migrations is also based on the type of website and package you buy.
  • AESols has won 5 different awards for its premium quality services. They offer four different types of packages that range from $ 39.99/year to $84.99/year which they have named as basic, standard, premium, and unlimited respectively. With all these packages they provide free installation, free 100s of themes, and free WordPress tutorials.
  • buzinessware is an ISO 27001 certified WordPress hosting company that provides its services in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. They have three different packages ranging from $ 13/month to $ 29/month. The services provision is based on the type of package you buy. They claim to use the Plesk control panel for higher quality services. They have partnerships with Google and are also Microsoft Gold Partner. ICANN and .ae are their accredited registrar while amazon web services are their network partner.

Now when you have attained complete knowledge about the best web development companies in UAE then be a carefree business bird in this region and get the best WordPress host for your website. Good luck!  

Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Dubai
Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Dubai
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In the bustling digital landscape of Dubai, mastering the art of local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for businesses aiming to stand out in the competitive market. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel key strategies to enhance your local SEO in Dubai, ensuring your business receives the visibility it deserves.

1. Embracing the Power of Local SEO in Dubai

Local SEO Dubai is not just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer for businesses targeting a local audience. With search engines increasingly prioritizing localized results, optimizing your online presence for local searches becomes paramount. Tailor your content and strategies to resonate with the unique preferences and trends of the Dubai market.

Middle of the Content Break: As we delve into the nuances of local SEO Dubai, remember that the essence lies in connecting with your local audience authentically. This is not just about ranking higher but building meaningful relationships within the Dubai community.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is a powerhouse for local SEO. Ensure your GMB profile is not only claimed but meticulously filled out with accurate business information. This includes your business name, address, phone number, and business hours. Encourage customers to leave reviews, as positive reviews not only build trust but also contribute to higher rankings.

3. Leverage Local Keywords Strategically

Local keywords are the backbone of your local SEO strategy. Understand the phrases and terms your potential customers in Dubai are likely to use when searching for products or services. Integrate these keywords naturally into your website content, meta descriptions, and tags. This not only improves your visibility in local searches but also enhances user experience.

Middle of the Content Break: In the dynamic landscape of SEO services in Dubai, mastering the art of local keywords is akin to speaking the language of your audience. It’s about being where your customers are, both online and in their daily lives.

4. Foster Local Citations and Backlinks

Local citations and backlinks play a pivotal role in signaling your business’s authority to search engines. Ensure that your business information is consistent across online directories, and actively seek reputable local websites for backlinks. This not only contributes to your local SEO efforts but also strengthens your overall online presence.

5. Mobile Optimization: A Non-Negotiable Element

Dubai is a city on the move, and so are its residents. Mobile optimization is not just a trend; it’s a necessity for local SEO in Dubai. Ensure that your website is responsive and provides a seamless experience across various devices. Google places significant emphasis on mobile-friendly websites in its ranking algorithm.

As we conclude this exploration into optimizing your local SEO in Dubai, remember that it’s an ongoing process that requires attention and adaptation. From embracing the power of local SEO to optimizing your Google My Business listing, strategically using local keywords, fostering local citations and backlinks, and ensuring mobile optimization, each step contributes to your digital success in Dubai. In the ever-evolving world of SEO services in Dubai, staying ahead means staying attuned to the unique needs and dynamics of the local market. Elevate your online presence, connect with your local audience, and watch your business thrive in the vibrant digital landscape of Dubai

Effects of Google Update On UA SEO Market?
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On December 3rd Google announced that it is launching the 3rd of 2020 Google algorithm update which would, according to the tweet on the official twitter account, take approximately two weeks to completely rollout. The last update that Google made was on May 29’2020.

The rollout had finished on December 12’2020 and it had impacted the ranking of many websites. Since the world has changed this year drastically, Google might have also detected the changes in the user searches due to which the websites which were ranking higher before has gone down and those which were barely noticed are now on top after the rollout is complete.

At this stage no analyst has given a definitive answer of what has changed in this update and what could be done to get your ranking back.

All you can do at the moment is observe the traffic on your website, understand the queries and try to make changes that you think your website needs.

Update the Content to Update the Ranking

In order to understand the effects of the updated Google algorithm on the UAE’s SEO market we first need to understand the problems of the website and make sure that the content on our website is fresh and up to date. Then we need to understand the UAE consumer market, if you already have extensive knowledge about it and you are considerably an old website holder in this region then you will not have difficulty in recovering from the negative effects of latest Google update. Because all you need to do is keep updating your website.

Yes! Staying updated is the key in the UAE’s SEO market and to recover from the negative ranking of the latest Google algorithm. Since there is no specific information to overcome the problems that website holders are facing after the December 2020 Google update except the clue given by the Google itself that the new rankings are based on the fresh and new content.

On the other hand if you understand the Arab mindset you should also know it really well that the Arabs always buy things or information that is new. If the ranking of your website has gone down then it does not mean that your content is bad, instead it is just the result of the rollout of the recent update and your content is old.

Contacts Will Make Way

Creating physical contacts with people living there for a long time can also help your website with understanding that what information is stale and what is fresh or innovative as such people know the transition that has occurred in the thought process and the life style of people in this region. This way you will be able to make content of your website that is more relatable for the inhabitants and SEO ranking that went down can be improved.

Arabic Can Get You More Traffic

Apart from that you also need to understand that Emiratis usually opt for local websites as they think they understand their demands, the keywords and language. It is usually not a problem if the user is a non-Arab Emirati but if you want to attract the Arab Emiratis to your websites you will then face a problem of language barrier as the keywords will be in Arabic and your website will only appear to the English keywords on the Google search, which precisely means that your ranking will remain low which has already gone down due the latest Google algorithm update.

Higher ranking in the SEO services in UAE with these two complications demands the understanding of their language or the presentation of the content on the website can be made in two languages.

All in all, the latest Google update has affected many online businesses across the globe and no well-defined way has been found yet to solve it. Analysts are asking website holders to stay calm and solve the problems with the whatever means they think would help, they also stated that until the end of January 2021 nothing could be said or done.

Website holders in UAE also need to use manipulative ways if their ranking has worsened and if the ranking has got better after the update then they should better keep doing what they have been doing. People might search for the websites which had good ranking previously due to the familiarity so there is still a chance that your website will get some traffic.

It is high time for Emirati businessmen to accelerate and try to find good and new content for their website. When the cure to this issue of ranking will be found then it can be solved technically.